welcome to the kirbysphere, dear visitor!

my very own webbed site....

i only got into neocities fairly recently (novemberish) but ive been having a blast so now we're here. im kind of just learning html as i go. i took a (bad) online course on html/css in middle school and then promptly forgot everything abt it so now im making it up as i go its very fun!! i dont have a general theme for this other than whatever i want, but i'm making it up as i go along.


5/24/23: added an advertisement below for the online store i'm setting up! click the ad to check it out!

5/16/23: new journal entry, added games page with daily crossword

5/9/23: new writing page layout w/ comments section.

4/9/23: replaced page title (redundant) with fun little icon! also the bulletpoints are stars now. and i added buttons and stamps

4/8/23: added chatbox!!!!!!!! and music!!!

3/20/23: new journal entry. new buttons in header to replace old plain links. added currently writing section to sidebar.

3/7/23: came back from hiatus. added fav movies list to about page. new poem april showers / march precipitation added to writing page. we're in helvetica now. verdana era over.

1/13/23: founded the writers block, a webring for writers on neocities, added writers block widget, and added space talking about it on the writing page.

1/11/23: remade site button! check it out on links.

1/9/23: new horror piece light-eyes added to writing page. added experimental new alternate journal layout here. site passed 9k views!

1/7/23: new piece parakeet added to writing page!

1/5/23: new piece robin added to writing page!

1/3/23: new playlists page added. site passed 8k views!

1/2/23: new kirby lore on about page

1/1/23: new journal entry, new years edition. finished reformatting site. site passed 7k views!

12/22/22: new journal entry. site passed 6k views!

12/15/22: added currently watching/etc in the left sidebar, moved some stuff from about into the homepage. site passed 5k views!

12/8/22: added explanation of my anthology under writing page.

12/6/22: new piece canary added to writing page!

11/30/22: changed margin (tentative change, could undo)

11/29/22: removed "under construction" text + site hit counter from left sidebar (site is always under construction + hit counter was unhelpful). added new entry in journal. changed body text font to helvetica. changed scroll/layout. blinkies scroll now.

11/26/22: fixed horizontal overflow settings, added more graphics, moved guestbook to top of right sidebar, added rounded corners, added more buttons to links page. added wizards.

11/25/22: added links page and kirbysphere button, added faq page.

11/24/22: the kirbysphere was added to the yesterweb webring and added widget. updated appearance of updates box.

11/23/22: thyme & time again and teeth (or, how a girl becomes a wolf) added to writing page.

11/20/22: new journal entry added to journal page.

11/15/22: the kirbysphere is born!

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