always an angel, never a god


hello! the backend of this code is a MESS ! to clean things up in here, i'm making some major changes to the structure of the site (display settings, divs, etc). this is the thing i have a lot less practice with, so it's gonna take me a while, and since i like editing the site directly instead of using a different method of testing code, some of the pages may look a little funky for the next few weeks. sorry!

i'm hoping to keep the homepage mostly clean so this message can exist. in addition, my writing page uses an entirely different css file, so that'll still run fine.


7/10/24: beginning to make some major backend changes so the site can run a bit more cleanly.

7/9/24: added some badges to the about page + a little drawing of me !

7/1/24: after a year and a half of work, my favorite short story i've ever written is up. read the blizzard now.

6/18/24: jesus christ it's been a minute. sorry about that. removed journal page since i wasn't using it. removed some outdated pages/pages i just didn't like. updated about page. thinking about maybe adding an art page soon.

3/11/24: removed some graphics, edited sidebars. felt like it was looking too busy.

2/9/24: finished updating sidebars from yesterday. updated/edited about page, homepage blurb. changed line spacing slightly to increase readability. added transitions to the hover effects on the header buttons because i just learned how to do that.

2/8/24: joined cornring, removed featured album in sidebar due to how i literally never updated it. changing/expanding webrings container of sidebar. a lot of behind the scenes cleaning up because i am actually learning how html and css is supposed to work because i am working on a new site for a short film me and my friend made. more on that soon.

9/10/23: finished sidebars, finally figured out a creative commons license and set that up for most of the site. cleaned up a bit since i may start showing this to more people in real life, since i'm proud of it. journal is now under construction and unavailable for the forseeable future.

8/30/23: added currently playing sidebar container using lastfm api (tutorial from here. i havent copied and pasted it to the pages other than homepage yet because ummmm i am sleepy . ill do that later idc.

8/26/23: replaced currently listening/watching/reading block with a new featured album section.

8/14/23: new journal entry.

7/28/23: added page with information about my current writing project [page later scrapped as of 6/18/24, but the writing project itself is up as the blizzard as of 7/1/24].

6/27/23: updated about page.

5/24/23: added an advertisement below for the online store i'm setting up! click the ad to check it out!

5/16/23: new journal entry, added games page with daily crossword

5/9/23: new writing page layout w/ comments section.

4/9/23: replaced page title (redundant) with fun little icon! also the bulletpoints are stars now. and i added buttons and stamps

4/8/23: added chatbox!!!!!!!! and music!!!

3/20/23: new journal entry. new buttons in header to replace old plain links. added currently writing section to sidebar.

3/7/23: came back from hiatus. added fav movies list to about page. new poem april showers / march precipitation added to writing page. we're in helvetica now. verdana era over.

1/13/23: founded the writers block, a webring for writers on neocities, added writers block widget, and added space talking about it on the writing page.

1/11/23: remade site button! check it out on links.

1/9/23: new horror piece light-eyes added to writing page. added experimental new alternate journal layout here. site passed 9k views!

1/7/23: new piece parakeet added to writing page!

1/5/23: new piece robin added to writing page!

1/3/23: new playlists page added. site passed 8k views!

1/2/23: new kirby lore on about page

1/1/23: new journal entry, new years edition. finished reformatting site. site passed 7k views!

12/22/22: new journal entry. site passed 6k views!

12/15/22: added currently watching/etc in the left sidebar, moved some stuff from about into the homepage. site passed 5k views!

12/8/22: added explanation of my anthology under writing page.

12/6/22: new piece canary added to writing page!

11/30/22: changed margin (tentative change, could undo)

11/29/22: removed "under construction" text + site hit counter from left sidebar (site is always under construction + hit counter was unhelpful). added new entry in journal. changed body text font to helvetica. changed scroll/layout. blinkies scroll now.

11/26/22: fixed horizontal overflow settings, added more graphics, moved guestbook to top of right sidebar, added rounded corners, added more buttons to links page. added wizards.

11/25/22: added links page and kirbysphere button, added faq page.

11/24/22: the kirbysphere was added to the yesterweb webring and added widget. updated appearance of updates box.

11/23/22: thyme & time again and teeth (or, how a girl becomes a wolf) added to writing page.

11/20/22: new journal entry added to journal page.

11/15/22: the kirbysphere is born!

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